From: Exodus 2-3 I recently led a lacrosse practice that pushed me to my edge as a coach. After two hours of practice, none of the players had made a mistake, committed a penalty, or taken a risk. At the top of my lungs, I told them how frustrated I was that no one was stepping up or playing … Read More


From: When you coach in the FCA program, you not only get to coach great athletes, but you oftentimes receive great coaching from the coaches you serve alongside. This past week, I found myself working alongside another coach (a good friend of mine) through a challenging situation. None of my ideas or suggestions were making sense to him while … Read More


From: Having coached lacrosse in Upstate New York, I have been through several spring seasons with freezing temperatures on the field. After standing for an hour and a half at a particularly frigid practice last week, I jumped in my car and immediately kicked on the heat. Within a few minutes, the Nissan Rogue had warmed up, and I … Read More


From: Coaching has a way of bringing what is inside of our hearts to the surface of our lives. While our lacrosse team had all the momentum during one particular game, I pessimistically mumbled under my breath, “This is when we typically become unglued.” After pausing for a second, I realized that I should not think negatively about our … Read More

God’s Economy is Not Man’s

It is springtime now, although the weather doesn’t quite feel like it.  With spring, comes spring cleaning — and I will tell you, my garage needs it.  This not being one of my favorite tasks, I asked one of my sons if he would mind taking some time to put the Christmas lights away, break down the cardboard boxes, straighten … Read More