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Boys grades 5-6 (Class of 2023-2024)


Tryouts are November 19, 2016 from 1-4pm


Canada Lacrosse GearIn July 2016, Ken Hastie became Canada’s first ever FCA representative, and just two months later he has decided to attempt something that has not yet been done in FCA lacrosse – the creation of a dual-country box lacrosse team.

The team, which will consist of 18 players – 8 Americans, 8 Canadians plus 2 Canadian goalies, will compete in four tournaments in January and February, including the Capital Box Lacrosse Classic in Washington, DC, and the Steel City Cup in Pittsburgh, PA. Zima Gear will be working with Ken Hastie to provide top uniform and apparel for the team.

Tryouts will take place November 19, 2016, from 1-4 pm, at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena, 3201 Second Line, Hagersville, Ontario, Canada, N0A 1H0 and are open to all Ontario, Canada and Northeast U.S. players currently in Grade 5 or 6 (HS Class of 2023 or 2024).

Hastie describes the initiative as “Taking away the lines on the map — that’s God’s plan for us all: to break down and eliminate borders.” And, he is excited to be trying something that is considered a first in FCA lacrosse – a team that blends players from two different countries.

“This program is going to put FCA in Ontario on the map a bit more as we set the tone and begin to build the FCA foundation here. We are hoping that it will help give the Upstate NY players experience in playing box, as well as start to build a foundation for the Ontario players with FCA where they are given the opportunity to hear about Christ. While I am also working on trying to get people here interested in taking on the hockey side of FCA, being that box lacrosse was kind of our thing we decided to start with that,” Hastie said.

Solomon Bliss, FCA’s Regional Camp and Community Coordinator who oversees the lacrosse program in the Northeast, sees multiple benefits to such a program that go far beyond just creating another lacrosse team. “This venture is about much more than just adding one more lacrosse team for the kids in Upstate NY to play on. It’s about our desire to work together alongside Ken and the impact that we see God having on people’s lives through FCA here and now in Canada through what Ken has begun to develop there.

“Our kids in the States do not have a lot of experience in box lacrosse. Not only will this team help make our players more well-rounded as they learn box lacrosse — which is intriguing and picking up in popularity, but they will also have the unique opportunity to play with kids from another country,” said Bliss.

Hastie anticipates that the program will be quite a draw, and believes the challenge will be in containing the numbers to just 18 players: “The kids don’t get to play box too often in winter, so I am looking forward to seeing what God provides in this, and seeing which players come out. An American-Canadian box team is surely a sign of great things to come!”

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CAN$400 / US$500
Tournament entrance fees, team helmet, uniforms – 2 sweaters, game shorts, shooter shirts, helmet decals.

Players must pay for their travel and hotels for the tournaments.

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Ken Hastie

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