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“God used FCA as a platform to change my life, and I have seen so many others, all over the world, transformed to live for Jesus Christ. FCA is amazing!”
- Camper

Impacting the world for Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

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Coaches Ministry

Coaches are the heart of FCA. Our vision is to see coaches transformed who then by their coaching bring transformation to the people of sports. Coaches Ministry focuses on ministering to the heart of the coach first, and then through the coach by engaging them with the Four C’s of Ministry. The types of Coaches Ministry are: Coaches Huddles, Coaches Conventions, Training Clinics and Coaches Retreats.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is a certified ministry that is initiated and led by student-athletes, sponsored by coaches, supported by staff, established on junior high, high school or college campuses and meets on a regular basis. The types of Campus Ministry are: Multi-Sport Huddle, Team Huddle, and Coaches Huddle.

Camp Ministry

FCA provides athletes and coaches the opportunity to reach their God-given potential by offering comprehensive athletic, spiritual and leadership training in a camp setting that produces spiritual transformation in the lives of coaches and athletes through perspiration and inspiration. FCA offers seven types of camps— Sports Camp, Leadership Camp, Coaches Camp, Power Camp, Team Camp, Partnership Camp and International Camp.

Community Ministry

With the majority of athletes playing sports in the community, FCA is ministering to the noncampus opportunities of club, recreational and youth sports teams with the goal of establishing ongoing ministry for coaches and athletes to compete for Jesus Christ with character, passion and excellence.

International Ministry

Expanding rapidly around the world, FCA International is now serving in over 60 countries through FCA International leaders and countless volunteers who spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all corners of the globe. FCA supports initiatives and partnerships that provide opportunities for leaders in sport ministries within their own countries by equipping them with programs, trainings and resources to grow their ministries.